What it means to be a !! RAIDER !!

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What it means to be a !! RAIDER !!

Post  Angelouz on Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:38 pm

Being a Raider means that...

You make sure you don't have to eat during the middle of the raid.

You don't go AFK without asking your raid leader for permission first.

You do your homework before the raid so your parents wont come and unplug the computer for you during raid hours.

You accept the fact that raiding means wiping, especially when doing new encounters. Therefore you grind/quest/gather to cover the repaircosts.

You don't spec your character for improved wtfpwnsolopvp instead of reduced threat or whatever.

You tell the raidleaders way in advance if you can't come to a raid you have signed up for.

You read up on bosses and tactics before hand.

And most importantly of all...

You know it's a commitment to be in a raiding guild. Not only to you but to the entire guild and it's members.


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