Guild Basic Rules

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Guild Basic Rules

Post  Angelouz on Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:10 am

Guild Rules and Regulations


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Re: Guild Basic Rules

Post  Murgriff on Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:32 pm

Mesh Guildrules

Basic Guildrules:

No spamming
Keep a nice behaviour and be mature.
Don't fight in the guildchat, solve it through whispers.
You are welcome to bring all your active alts into the guild.
"Guild Friend"s do not have access to the Guild Bank at all.

Raider / Member

When you get invited to the guild to start with, you will get invited as a trial. After 4 weeks of raiding the officers will have a discussion about you and then you will get promoted to either member or raider based on the officers decision.
If you don't want to be a raider anymore, because you might want to take a break or something for a while, then you will be demoted to member and still be in the guild. If you want to be a raider again, then you need to talk to the officers and they will discuss it.
If you are a raider, you sign up for all the raids you can attend to, you bring correct spec, flasks and food to raids, and enough for atleast 20 wipes when it comes to progress raids. Raiders got priority on raidspots and loot.
If you wanna swap your main with an alt, you need to speak to the officers about it, and if the officers think that it is allright, you will be put down to trial for about 2 - 3 weeks. You'r DKP will stand UNTIL you have proven yourself worthy member / raider rank. If you got approved with swapping main, you will get your DKP reset and you have to fight your way up the DKP site again.
Raiders get priority on raidslots to the T5 and T6 instances. Members and raiders get equal priority on 10-man raids.

Guildbank rules:

When you join the guild, you need to deposit a set ammount of gold to the Guild Bank (atm 30g) and you will get an "X" in your note saying "This person has payed"
Raiders get stuff from the Guild Bank for half the price based on AH prices, members and alts have to pay full AH price.
If you want anything from the Guild Bank you need to request it on the "request thread" on the forum.
Requests made in the Guild Bank thread will be delt with within 24-48 hours. This will give others the chance to have a look at what other raiders has requested and make comments on it.
Anything thats withdrawn from the Guild Bank needs to be documented on the forum aswell.
If you want to have the help or the Guild Bank with enchanting and socketing your badgeloot, then it will cost full price, otherwise we will quickly end up with a empty Guild Bank.
Alts needs to pay full AH price for stuff in the guildbank.
Nether Vortex's cost 50DKP / Hearts of Darkness cost ???DKP (cost to be arranged) but can only be had for PvE mainspec.


Sign up, show up.
If you don't show up or fail to unsign, you get a DKP penalty of -30 DKP.
If you sign up and are online at the time of invites you will get a DKP bonus of +30 DKP.
If you signed up and are online at the time of invites, but aren't brought to the raid, you will still get the DKP bonus (+30DKP).
If you stay until the raid is being called, by the raid leader then you will recieve a +30 DKP bonus.
If you cannot stay untill the raids specified end time, say so when you sign, by posting what time you have to leave.
You will get +30 DKP a hour during raids, and bosskills are worth +50 DKP.
Progresskills are worth +200 DKP (ie a new boss killed).
Raiding days are not set yet. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday are being used at the moment.
Raidtime: 20.00 - 23.00, Saturday might be 19.00 - 23.00 (raids may be extended if people are willing to carry on)
You must carry food, flasks and potions for atleast 20 wipes.
To be able to raid, you need to have upto date addons like: BigWigs, Omen, CTRA.


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